Affiliated Trades
Duration of Training : 2 Year

This course enables a trainee to estimate and carry out domestic Industrial Wiring. Install different of low & medium voltage machines and thin control panels, test wiring. Installation Locate & rectify the fault connect different Kinds of Lighting & fittings and to operatic deferent Type of AC/DC. Motor.

A Majority of Indian Workforce does not possess marketable Skills in the youths the nation has on untapped reservoir of vast potential. The nation plan of development encompassing all Sectors of population gives ample scope for the efforts of youths to be directed to fulfill this objective we have included various Trades in our profile this we make the youths able to have technical knowledge of various Trades for:-
1. Self employment.
2. To be employed in Govt. & Pvt. Ltd. Sector.

Achievements by Trainees
Name of the award Under Scheme Won By Year Remarks
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